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Customized HVAC system scheme for workshops of various types, such as chemical preparation engineering, biological product engineering, medical equipment engineering, experimental animal engineering, etc., the designs of clean room monitoring & air conditioning system is based on ISO14644 and PDA TR13 which conform to the rules and regulations of China, the European Union, the United States and other countries. The system has integrated VHP space sterilization system, dust particle online monitoring, floating bacteria monitoring, energy saving control, energy efficiency analysis and decision-making, and integrates BMS / EMS intelligent control system together to provide customers with computerized system confirmation and validation documents, ISPE commissioning and validation documents, and electronic records and electrical signatures required by CFR title21 Part11 ERES.

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STERIS VHP M1000- T4 Biological Decontamination System

STERIS VHP M1000-T4 is a VHP generator with large capacity which is often integrated with the air conditioning system for thorough sterilization of the space of the entire clean area and the surface of the inside equipment. In the stage of biological decontamination, 35% H202 solution is injected into the supply airflow of the AHU after being heated and flashed to gasification, and uniformly distributed in the space to be sterilized relying on the airflow organization with good air conditioning wind to achieve an excellent sterilization effect. In the discharge stage, air/VHP gas residues are discharged from the confined space to the environment through the AHU to reduce the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the confined space.


  • No corrosion, good material compatibility, no worries for frequent use;

  • Replacement of formaldehyde, shortening the sterilization time greatly, enjoy higher production efficiency monthly;

  • Verifiable, can be linked with the automatic control system to improve the automation level greatly;

  • Zero residue, green environmental protection guards, ensuring workers' health.

Materials: stainless steel cabinet, door and accessories, Dimensions: (W x H x D): 44½" x71" x 16" (1130 mm x 1803 mm x 406 mm), Weight: 600 lbs. (272 kg), Operating parameters: Filling rate: 4-96 g per minute, Air velocity range: 40-140 scfm (68-240cmh), Power requirements: 230V, 50/60Hz, single phase, 50 Amp, Printer: Stylus printer to provide readable and permanent records for all loop parameters.

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STERIS VHP DC-A Atmospheric Pressure Purification Room

STERIS VHP DC-A is the suitable solution for material transfer in aseptic pharmaceutical production facilities and is also suitable for similar applications in research facilities. Unique and efficient particle exhaust and monitoring capabilities, fast cycle times (45 minutes for full load), independent stand-alone solution, no need to connect air conditioning or exhaust ducts, easy to install, AISI 316L cavity, saving cost significantly in maintenance and verification.

STERIS VHP DC-A product is a solution for GMP-compliant pharmaceutical companies that enables the verifiable purification of materials transferred among different levels of areas to replace the traditional manual and labor-intensive wiping of materials that pass through the airlock. Advantages: Reduce the biological load by 6 logarithmic values actually, Unique particle monitoring and reduction process, Fully secure operator safety, Independent stand-alone solution, Very low hydrogen peroxide consumption, Fast cycle time. Typical material deliveries include: Pre-disinfected heat sensitive (such as various types of plastic) material bags, such as penicillin bottles, glass bottles, rubber stoppers, etc., delivered to the aseptic production clean room, Precision tools, instruments and computers used in the production area.

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