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Front-end Engineering & Consulting Angle: Embracing BIM in Pharma Plant Design for Space Management

News & Insights2023-09-25


Client Need:

The client plans to open a facility to increase its advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) development capabilities. The overall floor area is 7,000 m².  In the stage of detailed design, the client project team planned to use the LOD200 BIM model as a reference for construction. However, the on-site spatial conditions do not align with the construction drawings, and the pipeline arrangement is unreasonable when they prepare for construction. Now, the client wants to improve its plant’s design for space management before construction.

Our Solution:

In consultation with the client’s project team and on-site inspections, the AUSTAR Front-end Engineering & Consulting team provided an optimized solution with efficiency, risk control, and cost-effectiveness.

Remodel: We remodeled the current BIM model to LOD 300, providing a more detailed representation of the project.

Pipeline Adjustments: With the new model, we re-evaluated and reconfigured the pipeline routes, eliminated clashes, and created a more efficient layout that adhere to the actual spatial constraints.

Revised Construction Drawings: we revised construction drawings that accurately reflected the updated design based on the BIM LOD 300 model and the on-site spatial conditions.

The Result:

"The AUSTAR Front-end Engineering & Consulting team presents us with an efficient, risk-control, and professional approach to problem-solving, helping us create a clear and practical roadmap for on-site installations. The project is proceeding smoothly, with better interference checks and avoiding costly delays.”

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