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Overseas Technical Support

Job Responsibilities

1. Provide protocol and technical support for pharmaceutical process system products, and cooperate with sales personnel to conduct on-site technical exchanges with customers;

2. Participate in technical seminars, training sessions, etc., responsible for completing the prototype design, assisting in the completion of prototype manufacturing and exhibition introduction;

3. Actively participate in regular technical and management training of the department to ensure the individual has sufficient technical capabilities, to ensure that the responsible products have good market competitiveness and cost performance, and ensure that the annual technical support tasks are completed.

Job Requirements

1. Undergraduate or postgraduate (pharmacy engineering, biopharmaceutical, chemical engineering, etc.);

2. More than 5 years’ experience in design and implementation of fluid process system of engineering company; participated in the design, construction, installation and commissioning of the project and cooperated with customers to complete GMP inspection;

3. Familiar with relevant technical regulatio;ns, specifications and standards; Proficiency in English for dialogue and communication, proficiency in operation of AUTO CAD.


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